February 8, 2012

Keep It Together

You can do this watching Grey's Anatomy.

You can do this piece by piece.

You can do this with stress, with the space between lines, with a ponytail.

You can do it with crystal blue eyes that go for miles.

With a British accent that goes for miles.

Everything can go for miles. Nobody gets to choose.

It can be your second wind or your third career.

Be kind. People will keep on dying.

That thing you read? It's happening hundreds and hundreds of times every week.

Mattresses are wearing unevenly all across America.

People are sleeping on floors all over the world.

I used to love sleeping on couches and some day I'll love it again.

Would "There Will Be Bleeding" be an even better movie?

There will be Thursday, first, and I'm hoping the big me shows up.