February 28, 2012

I'm Not Buying It, and I'm Usually the First One Buying

On a train, I prefer my seat to face forward

I wouldn't call that old-fashioned

I'm no early adopter either

I like hyphens

I like the word "wither" and I guess I like "whither," too because where'd "whilst" be without it

What's for dinner?

Where's dinner?

When do you ever think about Delaware?

Their next state slogan should not be "Dream a little dream of Delaware"

In my mind the river trumps the state

Everything old should have a river
Trenton should be a river

Indian names are great for rivers, they sound like rivers and nations to me

There were rivers before there were people

And all these complex atoms shooting out of dying suns

River vs. sun? River's scorched.

Man vs. sun? Man's fucked.

Iron vs. sun, though? Sun's fucked spectacular and heavy metals and uranium and just plain Wow! in seconds.

My daughter and I on the couch watching television. I fall asleep.

You came over to my house for dinner. There were carpets. I fell asleep on them.

My ex and my new girl's ex hanging out with me and my new girl at a good friend's house. I fell asleep! I shit you not! I woke up and all the exes were gone and it was just me and my new girl. It was like magic.

That was years and years and girls and boys and exes and friends ago.

But my good friend is still my good friend, and I think he's doing pretty great.

Sure, things could alway be better, but doing pretty great.

Hey there, Baltimore. Looks good on you!

Location:Cloutier Ct,Wilmington,United States