February 4, 2012

When It's Saturday and Tomorrow Is Sunday

When it's Saturday and tomorrow is Sunday

When it is Saturday and coffee is on

When it is Saturday and all eyes are on Indianapolis

When it is Saturday and the sky is looking pewter and feeling good about the day ahead

When the whole world thinks one thing and so you can plan on something other

When you feel like a nut and at the times when you don't

Winter will never be Spring, but it'll always be more than you think

This is February, this is Saturday, this is philosophy of a kind, I guess

This is predictable if you've spent time around here

And my phone will tell me the weather to expect in Baltimore and DC and Princeton and Wellsboro and Paris and Marfa

Hit the road, hit the street, rent a van, rent storage space, make a dining room, make a good time, eat some lunch it is Saturday.

Location:Penn St,Baltimore,United States