September 8, 2012

A Bunch of People Got Shot in Baltimore, But I'm at the Dentist

And I got a flat tire last night, but got it fixed this morning

I need an oil change, too, but didn't have time before getting to my dentist appointment with my daughter

There are piles of things all around Baltimore and there are puppies

There's splitting attention among teams and things

There's the opening of the fantasy season

We got a kitten a little while back and then we won't have a kitten anymore

Conflict happens locally and globally

Voting happens when you make it happen

Focus is actually a five-letter word

Point systems this, point systems that

Motivation, intention, reward, raising the stakes, the whole sense of what matters

Priorities vs. god particles vs. do you accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your savior?

I don't, particularly, but I'm a big fan of compassion and mercy and grace

This is from a discussion I had at 6 in the morning on Thursday

We also talked about chess -- which is way more fun when you play with a person sitting across from you, if you ask me

You could say, like with all things

You could say, damn right you like it

You could like world peace or not like harsh child labor practices or human trafficking

Like, not like

Like, not like

Winter's day, Fall festival, Spring sleepy time, Summer jams

And the the trees are teaming up to become a forest -- even if it makes for a boring scene on film

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