September 19, 2012

There Is, There Are

Tracking can come up in many situations and mean many things

Count pace after pace and the further you go the closer you'll know you've come to the beginning

Shadows envelope

Shadows enhance some days and detract others

There is a force that draws you to it, where it is ________

There is a place for the number four

There are ways that you're predisposed to look at something

There are always feedback loops and redundancies and error correction and inertia

There is always heat loss

"I will disorder you gladly"

"You will rue and or rule the day"

"The man in question had only three fingers on his right hand"

It comes down to ammunition

It comes down to quivers

It comes down to ignition, initiative, intuition, fortune

Fortune fortress Cuban coffers

Fortune fortress creating coffees

Fortune fortress

A nibble and a goodnight


And this is take-off from Augusta airport (Maine) back on Sunday. Ten-seater. Breath-taking.

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Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States