September 3, 2012

Ideas, State Fair, Memory, Computational Power

Computerized black hole

Digestive interference

Becomes digital this, that, and the other

I noticed this weekend that my daughter instinctively leans toward the Oxford comma

I always thought and-and added up to a full stop

But that was before I'd really spent any time in California

Before I studied up on fish tacos

Broke a rib

Fell in the ocean

Supernovas without hyphens

Sandstone under a microscope

Conflicts further away than you can spell

I've forgotten more in the past few days than I'll think all week

Gamma ray emissions from storm clouds

Colors that glow in the sky

Weather, race cars, baseball, celebration, memories

Waste is a problem in factories

Waste is a problem in contemporary America

Waste is probably related to invention, too, or maybe soon

That this and this was who that and but which

Forever store than those if then whichever wants

Look both ways and then apply gentle pressure with

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