September 9, 2012

Sunday Morning+

A lot of things on my mind and I think I'm gonna take a bath

Read up on Jasper Johns chilling in the bath drawing draw-rings and painting pitchers

Baseball this afternoon and I'll work on vitamin D

But the system's been delicate, so best eat better

If pressure is measured in atmospheres what do we measure useless pressure in?

What about dangerous pressure?

And what do you do with the can the whoop-ass came in after you are done whopping ass?

Rear Window is on my mind, and time with you

Things happening in Seattle are on my mind, and Australia

New Zealand, New York, Vancouver, North Korea, South Korea

Languages flow and people flow with them

Languages flow and food is made

I loved my Commodore 64, I loved notching an extra notch in a floppy with a hole-puncher

I loved Pogo Joe -- that Qbert rip-off, and finally getting to some "you won something" screen, though we hadn't won anything because we illegally copied the game and surely the contest was months or years over

Ultima IV and V with their maps and accoutrement and chasing after good times I'd had with friends in Massachusetts playing Ultima III (on their Apple II? Really? I must be remembering that wrong)

And that Greek gods game that was bad ass

I'm sure this wasn't the first time I'd learned that sometimes things will never be the same

Sometimes the story is better

Sometimes the picture or the video is better

Often the movie is better

And this is all exceedingly scary when you think about it

Enjoy your everything, everywhere you are, and I'll dig on mine

Location:Dover St,Baltimore,United States