September 29, 2012

Moreso and the Ever Afters

There were pictures with shallow focus

There were days and nights

There were rumors, there were Sundays

A shot across the bow risks an innocent bystander when you live in so many dimensions

I'm making jokes about, what's your type? (B negative)

I'm making jokes like, who put the "no" in "no no no"?

I'm making jokes like, if we hang up our plasma rifles the Terr'Xinguistadores win (and the galaxy will surely fall)

And I'm hearing all the stories of the Mysteries and the Mansion and the rooms that'll be for everyone

Everyone will say it better than me, but it's the everyone part I hope you're hearing

Just last night, Chris, I heard that there was this house down in New Orleans and it has this rising sun. But it's not a whorehouse, it's a Mansion.

And I heard about this other one in Baltimore, too, and it is Massive.

And more and more all over the place.

And late last night I saw all the walls touching.

And when I slept, I didn't dream cuz I never do, but the walls were still touching when I woke up.

And they'll be touching maybe only a few more days, but for once I'm glad some things can never be unseen.

I'm still pretty fucked up about this, Chris.

My daughter is 10 now, and I think you'd tell me it goes round and round.

She's getting a killer haircut right now, and I'm gonna go be happy with her.

I can't wait for more people to tell me all the times you'd talk about future lives, and prayer, and hope, and how it'll be bad, yeah, but then it'll be better.

All evil vanishes.
All evil vanishes.
All evil vanishes.

I believe, Chris. I'm just pretty messed up on all this, still.

Location:W 36th St,Baltimore,United States


Anonymous said...

you know, last night, i had a dream where i was wandering through a library--no, not a library, a big, rambling mansion, but there were bookshelves on every wall, with niches and built in recesses where you could sit and read. i had been walking for hours through this house and i sat down in one of these small alcoves all bathed in light. and there, on a table, was book entitled "chris toll: the unbounded space of aviation." and that book was all about everything, or at least, there was a corner of everywhere in it. and when i woke up this morning, for the first time in a couple of days, i felt good. yeah, you're right. all evil vanishes. thanks, chris.


Jamie Perez said...

We'll get there. And we'll keep getting there.