January 6, 2013

Second Sunday And So Forth

What do you miss right now?

It's Sunday where I am

My knees are feeling fine

I wish I was breathing slower and deeper

So many great things are lined up behind

So it would make sense for so many great things to be ahead

Don't confuse this with value

Don't confuse something I'll lay out later

Right and wrong vs. right and on

You take piece of wood and you fashion a wheel and before you know it goods and resources are rolling from one hotbed of economic activity to another

How much is this worth to you?

The difference between you and me is how it all works

A small hare emerges from somewhere around the edge of the frame, poking in his cute small hare head to add, don't you see

Well done small hare

Division is magic if you let it be

A hand appearing in mid-air offering you a chalice of fine liquid is magic

Wine is alive

Tomorrow is coming

We'll do it again

Now, watch his hands closely

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States