January 30, 2013

Some Now Other Now

I get the specificity of it

How that works for you

But then there is unseen vs. unseeing

What kind of person dreams about the Great Unseeing Eye?

I should write a story about that eye

And it'd be like Lord of the Rings or Siddhartha, I guess

What's the genre where the movie's about a character being chased?

I like road movies and westerns and buddy pictures

Actually, you're continuously unseeing things

And unknowing things

Undoing you coat, untying your laces

Unburden the burdened

Wash for the worsen

Static shots, rolling average, lane hugger, higher standing, seated massage, more

Oxidation comes and goes

The sea comes and goes

We eat and we sleep and then we do it all again

Location:Dover St,Baltimore,United States