January 22, 2013

Play Something for January, Darling

That's not time to sleep music

That's not the way home

That's not one thing then another then another

Sometimes you'll be forced to lie

Other times it will happen instinctively

Survival, reflexes, something to do with your spine making decisions minus the decision part

This was going to be something bigger but there will be time for that

And there will be time for water and rest

Aside, "R and R and SNL" belongs somewhere else and to someone else

I'm guessing nouns and precision or at least clarity and specificity will crawl all over February

But there still won't be a dog, I'm afraid

And it'll still be winter for a little while

Put on a warmer coat

The days are getting longer, but they still have a ways to go

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States