January 28, 2013

Rise of the Rust-Water

You'd say it comes on in the oddest places

If you didn't have a map

And a well-worn list of omens


When the boredom of cause-and-effect finally breaks you


He who controls the speed of light controls nothing

He who walks in a straight line is re-enacting yesteryear's fantasies

He who echoes into the future is a source of signals surrounded by reflective surfaces


A mirror makes a nice gift

A sheet of polished aluminum makes a good gift

A sealed concrete floor makes a good gift


There is the brash student finding patience and a well of unending power by knifing fingers into raw rice hour after hour

There is the brash student finding his keys, the laundry detergent, the correct train

There is the brash student, watch his brash wash away with the years

There is the brash student, he looks much better with the haircut


Recognize. Re-supply. Stabilize. Syncopate. Trundle, trundle, trundle. Eulogize. Un-end this right.

Right this day.


I belong to
You belong to


Better days

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States