November 27, 2014

Hope You Can See the Snow Out There

Because it's everywhere

Perfect snowman-making, snowball-making snow

The clumpy not powder kind but still fluffy, not crazy wet

Do you need me getting all ponderous on snow again and what's fiction and what's poetry and what's everything else?

Do we-all need a blanket for the times?

Is this all crap? As in useless not as in lying because there is really snow out there

But lying is more bull-crap or bullshit?

Do you miss those quasi cuss words from when you were younger

Before you were allowed to say what you want

Like anyone is allowed to say what they want anyway, but that's a much longer discussion I half-believe in

But "bull crap" is like the perfect illustration of what I'm talking about

Or maybe even "bull dookie" before that

I'm on my phone and I want those quoted guys to be italics and I'm not quite sure how to make that happen in this so I'm not

I wasn't even looking for an example of how we don't get to day everything we want

Only so much freedom as is permitted or taken

Only so many consequences you will accept

And they do it with convenience, but I don't even believe in a they

I believe in something unthinking and uncaring like climate change

In processes that get unwieldy and get away and get out of control

This is sloppy

This makes half-sense

I'm not in a bar and I didn't buy you a beer

There isn't the news on nor a fire in a fireplace

We aren't around a table in a fluorescent lit rectangle and there aren't klieg lights or cameras either

I never knew the U came before the O in that word, and there is another illustration

Behavior, convenience, ease, habit, defaults, paths upon paths, thank you

Everything that is great is everything that is not

Nobody said this would be easy and nobody was still right

There's snow

Location:Dancing Bear Ln,Lewisburg,United States