April 13, 2016

Amazing Things Are Happening in Nondescript Locations all across this Land

Dramatic settings are full-up with emptiness

Beautiful people are pining away behind the counters of gas station mini-marts

Wasting away, dulling, breathing, rusting

Orange jams up against brick red, acid pink with acid green, dull gray and brilliant blue

Clouds are moving at different speeds at different altitudes and never mixing

While hot air is rising

There are thousands of places you can get a mocha

Or be painfully honest with your family

Friends are to be had in chain restaurants and big box stores and 7-11 parking lots

There are lives to be lived

Oxygen to be breathed

Atmospherics to be appreciated

Then sparrows, sunsets, oceans and lakes and of course rivers

The moon was once part of us and is now part of all this

Think about your chest rising and falling

Think about every step everyone is taking everywhere

All at once, as in forever


Location:Crittenden Blvd,Rochester,United States