April 21, 2016

Handwritten Notes While the Judge Had the Cone of Silence Going and I Was about to Not Be Chosen

(and/or Notes That'll Make a Good Poem Someday)

If you know where it came from, it is better or worse?

Duck and cover
The corner
Make yourself smaller

The Real and How You're Keepin' It
All manner of cases
Masks, jackets, process

Whatever is final
The search for constants
Presence vs. path

Pain on the face twisting away
I write bad lines, too

Everyone doing their best to get out of line or into line or with the crowd you get the picture

Come of silence noise machine
March of static
More gray tha. White
Like pink fiberglass insulation only gray

Feel free to take care of whatever needs taking care

Rolled up sleeves under a jacket
Hang ups
Send homes
Sensations sensational sensation
Sentence structure
Guidelines vs. laws vs. rules
And then the way things are

The way stacks are stacked
Respect and disdain for Gravity

What fantasies are fantasy?

Kept men in a kept system
Chickens in a chickyard
Turkeys at a turkeyshoot
Foxes at a foxtrot
Crabs at a crab bake

Where the joy in this?
I mean where's the New York in a New York strip and similar tired questions

Tire iron
Business icon
Senseless destruction
The path to the road to the bridge over the River Kwai (sp?)

I've yet to stand since the first standing when we all stood
Whatever is next is indeed next
The line vs. the grace notes
I mean, what kind of mood are you in?
I mean, what kind of mood am I in?

A big honking chord blaring away as the sun drifts down below the cloud cover

A balloon, a lamb, sausage, well bologna
Franklin, fresh, frenched ribs

Fracture bones of one kind or another
I mean, dice or cards or commodities

Head nodding and facial expressions and other communication bleeds

We're always doing things we know know how to do and that's the intended system

Angry and tired with intent to walk out the building

Slow food, the rate of words in one conversation vs. another, complex carbohydrates

The way difference is struck from so many situations -- height, accents, speed, race

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States