April 12, 2016

There Have Been Crazy Times / There Have Been Crazier Times

Way way down underneath all the turtles and the dreams and the whatnot, what you have is a matter of inconsistent distribution of all the things

The good things, the bad things, the blue things, the new things

And then there are the laws, all the laws

There's osmosis but also active gradients

There's energy, all kinds of energy

Walking down stairs seems simple enough and then it isn't

Breathing seems simple enough or swallowing or hearing or feeling and the. It isn't

Sometimes for fun
Sometimes by mistake
Sometimes because the cards have just been dealt and that's that you're out of draws

This is all stupid, all of it
This isn't the kind of thing

What I mean is:
Extenuating circumstances, escape plans, exit wounds, entrapment

Forcing everything and the Force

Giant is better when it's gigante, gopher holes, gigabytes

Forget-me-nots vs. full blooms vs. maritime mastery of all sorts

Helpful highways, how could you, Havre de Grace

I'm always thinking is my problem

Location:Crittenden Blvd,Rochester,United States