April 22, 2017

I Live in Baltimore, Now

I live in Baltimore now
With the squirrels and the bunnies
The deer and the woodpeckers
The dogwoods and dogs
Foxes, raccoons, butterflies, and birds

I'm living in Baltimore
With the folks planting annuals out in front of the Presbyterian Church down the street
And the people bringing in the shopping carts from the parking lots
And the ones making deliveries night and day
People getting by, people not getting by, people figuring it out

I live in Baltimore around houses
And apartments and new construction
Buildings buttressed with wooden joints
Buildings falling apart and falling down
Condos, restaurants, and hotels
Universities and high schools and parking lots and more

I live in Baltimore where it rains
And the sun shines and rises and sets
And the moon is full on the regular
And the clouds are amazing with the ocean right there


After being here 13 years, yesterday was the first time I got ugh about my living in Baltimore and The Wire coming fast upon one another in conversation. Don't get me wrong, I love The Wire. I'll talk about the great trajectory of cop shows from Car 54 to Hill Street Blues to NYPD Blue to The Wire. I'll talk about the good guys being the bad guys and the bad guys being the good guys and everyone just living. I'll talk about it being the best TV ever made at its time or damn near it.

But then this morning I was tooling around the neighborhood and saw all the green and the wildlife around me -- sure my current neighborhood is pretty suburban for being inside city limits but whatever.

I'm not high-horsing it here. It's just Baltimore is like everywhere and Baltimore is everywhere. Just better. ;)

Location:Glen Allen Dr,Baltimore,United States