April 16, 2017

When They Ask if You're Ready to Go

FTR I don't know what to tell you
But I'm trying and I'm surviving and I know that sounds stupid
But you stand on a ledge and I stand on a ledge and here we are
The thoughts, the actions, a whole buncha emojis, rules and regulations as in terms and conditions as in what's expected

It's Sunday and I'm far from home but not for long

And everything gets boiled down from a distance

All the various trucks become one trick

All the moments become one day

All the places at the mercy of satellite platforms and perspective and interpretation

Then cookies, then videogames, then walks among columns and there and there and there

Follow me anywhere, I'm full of red wine and favors

I'll do what I can, the sun is angling, and and and the music

Location:International Pkwy,Portland,United States