April 9, 2017

It's All Folk Music Ever After

Because you work with what's in front of you

Because it's all journalism
It's all dictation
It's all in your head
It's all reception

Because it's all perspective

Because you're a kid that drew the city corner or down the boulevard

Because rulers and then compasses and then protractors
Stencils and how-tos and how's today?

What's the first mistake you remember?

And the first time you tried something on only to realize that wasn't you?

Because the delete key is always at the ready

Because auto-correct is your friend most the time so much so you don't even notice it

And the sirens breaks down
The warnings wear out

The sun hangs in the sky and advertises a warmer day on the other side
But the wind is whipping
The lambs are somewhere
And there's your reflection

Location:Rokeby Rd,Baltimore,United States