April 1, 2021

It’s Been

A pant started somewhere

Catalog spaces vs. a catalog of spaces

To make, to construct like a wheel

To remember playing in the snow

To catch as in fish or even a packet boat

To echo for a cliff

Or resonate for a wine glass filled with water

Middle C and lower and lower and still lower

Like Cs all the way down?

Mayhaps and maybe and May flowers sooner still

Catalog all the trails vs. honor all our hardship

I still dream of this land being our land

I still dream of larger and larger us-es and many us-es

Dynamic us-es, flexible us-es, shifting us-es shifting for reasons better than making new thems 

But it’s so much easier to write and read thems than us-es and this is just something we have to climb up and climb over until we are there

Trudge through?

We’re talking about practice