April 3, 2021

The World Is Huge, and That’s Just One Part

Kevin shared Prince’s demo for “I Feel for You” on Twitter earlier this week and it blew my mind a little bit.

And I thought about Athena springing forth from Zeus’s forehead fully formed, too.

A thought that tunnels back to my twenties and a painting studio I rented in the basement of a building off the Downtown Mall. It wasn’t meant to be a painting studio, it didn’t have the ventilation for that. Previous tenets did sculpture mostly? Or weren’t using turpentine?

Gravity in all its forms in your head.

Layers, also in your head.

Folks passing, in the world and memories of folks who have passed.

Spending time with them but not getting lost.

Feelings weren’t meant to be distinct, I think. We just cut away at them because we think it helps us share them, maybe.

I’m happy and sad for you and about you Chris. Todd. Catherine. Dad.

Most y’all don’t know the absolute joy of being a morning person.

Everything is quieter.

Everything can happen.