March 4, 2012

Surely Not the Last Story on Tails

"Poker face" is apparently Japanese for "poker face"

There are things you know and then there are things

There are tails you have and understand and wish you never had

These tails follow us, of course, and they rarely help us balance

You tear a weed and try to capture all its roots

There are irises in my eyes

Childish drawings, fallen trees, snowfall, endless tomorrows like sunsets like my hunger for mochi

Not a northern state full of lakes

Not of hidden notebooks

The shape, the size, an island city built on an island built in far more than a day

Hundreds of years pass: flowers, silt, tectonic movement, cultures come and go, vocabulary mutates

Safety pins, sliced bread, the World Series, the search for Big Foot

It keeps going on and on

Foie gras on Sunday

Graduations on Saturday

Always pals

Forever pals