July 14, 2012

Aiming to Catch Up on Sleep Asked a Good Question

Something about the kids you thought were crazy looking at the kids behind them and saying, shit them kids are cray cray

The sudden emergence of a universal system of measure

Your burn pattern after a welcomed lazy day

Water everywhere and new ideas about where it all came from

The writing engraved around the ring to rule ten all, glowing in titles and when fresh out of the fire and at other times

Javelinas are closer to hippos than boars

Pigmy anything never getting tired

Big big big big eyes the better to see you with vs. can you even see through all those chibi highlights

Stories roll off his tongue, a sample case, smart tailoring, sunsets

Location:Emory St,Baltimore,United States


Susan said...

How to measure it all when finally resting , but not in peace as the day and its play and its read alouds and all running non-stop through a brain . . .