July 29, 2012

Riot Is What Riot Does

A riot is a riot

And rot is rot

Sunday is a day of the week just like the other days

Crush stone

Crush garlic

Crush your enemies while you keep them closer

Crush ice

Shatter so well

Crush a root or a flower

Crumble and powder

Power and transmission

It's "you'll have it when you need it"

Wires in mud all over again, with more wires and more mud than ever before

I will give them the last word and pretend they begged for it

Crush cans to a better place

Crush bicycles under truck tires

Crush nuts for a cake

Crush arms in accidents

The rocks, they were crushed into dust

And will never be unseen

Like ice's long, slow journey to the sea

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States


Susan said...

"Crushing ice" and "ice's long slow journey" make this poem for me, among the possibilities of crushing and crushes and the possibility of "crushing enemies" or pretending to "give them the last word." How I wish some emotions and moments could be forgotten, but no, they only change and do that quite slowly.