July 18, 2012

There's a New Kitten Up in Here

There it is.

And there it is.

No photos here yet.

There's the previous kitten, too, in a different room, occasionally growling, hissing.

There's sleep on my mind, allergies on my eyes, and a helluva day behind me.

Make 'em all helluva

Eat more shellfish and French food

There's this list of nouns welling up inside me and I hope I carve out a buncha time for George Herbert this fall

I love the kinda bad ass that stretches across centuries

I love the ephemeral kind just as much

Come October, why don't I buy some bourbon

We'll hang around Justin's fire pit and you can read me Herbert

And we'll eat burgers

If I were a cult leader, prayers would roll something like that

And there'd be lots chairs because the more chairs the better the cult, I'm told

We'd get silly transmedia, too

And there'd be something about fish, why not


Get yourself a jar

Drive around the county listening to country

Speak up over the music when the time is right

The ding ding ding of "your keys are still in the ignition" when you open the driver-side door

Dust swirling in the beams and grit doing what grit does

Trains and gunshots and thunder in the distance

Midnight creeping over the horizon

Saying dome, stars, ways and means more and more

Some some some more and more

Everything hushes out and is gone

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States