July 8, 2012

Something Is Speaking in the Street

Many somethings, many streets

Car doors closing

All houses here

Even some shared

A story about a summer of endless heat that spawns a midnight culture. Everyone lays up in the daytime, but it isn't strictly a vampire story.

It has the feel of secret summer loves

It's about children at the heart of it -- up at odd hours and living in an entire world alive at odd hours

The smell of 104 on the street today was the smell of putrefaction, I think

I don't cousin with putrefaction so often

What the hell is going on our there?

Location:Melvin Dr,Baltimore,United States


Susan said...

Your poem answers itself, doesn't it--or at least it tells what is happening here--a heat generated reversal to sleep through the putrefaction. Why putrefaction? who/what is rotting? Is there an out there?