July 5, 2012

Some of My Favorite Starships

Some of my favorite starships are vampires

And then there is the flying, the sky, etc

Some of my favorite starships are equations

Algorithms is one of those words like an affected foreign accent

I love how French speakers talk about supermarkets

I love a good hot dog, I'm not going to lie

You've heard things through walls and through floors and so have most people

You've dug your feet into the sand as the tide rushes out and so have most people

There are people in Kenya and Burma and France and a whole slew of French-speaking places

Are redundancies more fun when they sneak up on you?

If the NASDAQ falls in a forest

If the flow of Spain is altered by wet weather

If you left your mask at the dry cleaner

Just call me

Better yet, text me

I'll keep an extra for you in the bedside stand

With my expired passport

I've got your back

Rhymes with live naught corps track

Go figure

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