July 4, 2012

Will Gonna Sometimes Selective Frequency Range Again

Emptiness last testament performance minus in

What we're talking about when we talk about lack will force it's way onto the scene

There is a circle of people, a stray cowering, a hear source, and the kind of attraction that you expect among magnets and metals or metals familiar with a current and so on

Not the kind of attraction that cones with pheromones or cultural similarities or cultural difference or more or less the type we tend to wrap in outfit after outfit

All over

All over your body

I'm going to dress up smart tomorrow because we're expecting heat

Phrasing as in a chord

Something about jazz

And then we're back to the floor, the importance of counting, square meals, and the occassional CPU


Sent by email because I don't have the app sorted out on my new phone yet (and I don't know why it wasn't in the synch in the first place)