October 3, 2012

Give It Here, Don't Hold Back Now

Give me your tired
And your tired
And your tired and your tired

Give my your tired
Tire tired, tired tired

Give me your tired
Your trials are unfair
That is why they are trials, my son

Lift this really heavy thing
Clean out this enormous garage
Eat this wicked huge meal
Be a colossal jerk

Give me your tired
Give me your fair
Give me your everything, etc

I think what you're asking is, am I a privileged US citizen?

You've got me there and we've got a whole bunch of you there, too

But what do you do with it once you learn up up down down etc select start etc?

What do you do with the opportunity big heads present?

Do you squander your lived when they become unlimited?

And what will all that do in November? And you know we have to do December after that.

There's my birthday and there are the shopping days until my birthday.

Take heed!


(I'm pretty sure I've used this title before, but I'm not ashamed to run back the good ones.)

Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States