November 29, 2012

They're Adorable

They jump from here to there

The light it does its own strange things

I can write about them all the time -- this isn't my job and you aren't paying anything


Flattery is the sincerest form of give me all your lovin' an' all your hugs an' kisses, too

Aside of fork

As side of gee / black and white film and / or time machine and some gosh


Keep the great cats with the great cats

Keep the birds of prey with the birds of prey

What is good for a library or a bookstore is a horrible idea out there in the real world and that's something you should keep in mind when reading a book

They used to make them with lambskin, don't they?

Christopher Columbus is in books

Hitler is in books



You see a sand castle and you just want to end it

You are so mad at something


Photobooth filmstrip


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