November 9, 2012

I Really Do Think

I really do think we'd be so much better off in every way if we could get past ownership and authorship

I'm reading about Information and there's this struggle between two guys over where it all started

And Darwin and that other dude had the same problem

And millions of other examples
Dude, we only call it Darwin's theory so you know what the heck I'm talking about -- it's vocab, it doesn't need to be ownership

Darwin is dead

He's not getting anything from it

But all the same there'd be millions of eggs to break along the way

Of supporting yourself

Of knowing you are encountering the thing or expert or whatever that you are looking for

Like, I want to be working with the guy that actually knows how to get clean water into my house

I like taking showers and I like to let the water run into my open mouth from time to time

I don't swallow it

I'm not that strange and I guess I could get over the habit if the guy tells me I should go to gray water for that stuff

But I'd want to know that it was the guy that knows what he's talking about

I'm up in the air and I've got time

I'm in the very last seat that will de-plane so even once we land and taxi to the gate and start getting out, I'll still have all kinds of time


Go read Latsky's "Thunderbird" if you've got time

And Gleick's "Information" if you've got more time

We don't need to worry about what all this is for all the time

We don't need to worry about what all this is becoming because it is gonna become anyway

Our children's children's children will know what you mean when you say Darwin or Jesus or whatever

But fewer will know where that annoying sound their eye makes when it takes a picture came from in the first place and they'll be pissed that Congress won't do away with the law that mandates it

And fewer still will head down to Chinatown or Russiatown or whatevertown to hack that annoying shit out

I hope my children's children's children are taking pictures out of the tips of their thumbs though

They'll look more like Clinton or Obama and I hope my children's children's children know who they were

I bet they are gonna have ridiculous music

I bet shit's gonna be amazing

Look at a cheetah run, I mean that's amazing and we've had it for thousands of years and keep looking at it better and better

I mean, the cheetah is shit-white-hot forever

Doesn't it make you nearly teary

But we keep looking at it better and better

The cheetah, shit-white-hot

We, getting closer day by day

The stars. Victoria falls. Maple trees. The acceleration of any falling object. Wind resistance. The New England coastline. Tidal pools.

And then the equations we use to share them with each other getting hotter and hotter

Let go of the nostalgia

Let the clock move forward

Soon you'll be staring right into the eyes of a cheetah that's just realizing how bad ass this whole running thing is and that its the baddest ass in town

And we'll all be the baddest asses in town for a moment, too

But hey, who am I?

Location:Rockaway Point Blvd,Queens,United States


maggiemae said...

(How did you write this in Rockaway?)


(The other guy was Watson. I've always felt bad for him. At least now he has a kitten named after him.)

Jamie Perez said...

(I was in the air (in an airplane) high above Rockaway -- that's the location it filled in when I asked "where am I?")