November 25, 2012

There Was Gondwana

There is a sack at the bottom of the ocean

And I'm googling just how deep those deep sea trenches are so I can dazzle you with facts

And now servers are humming underground and overland

And heat is being cast off

And conquered by cooling systems

Because this is the twenty first century and we've got that for miles

There is a sack at the bottom of my bed

There are chemistry teachers that will tell you that you are a sack of saline with some trace elements

We walk on oxygen when we are in the forest

But when are we ever in the forest

We move from space to space and that's ok

There are some things above that aren't true and / or I don't cotton to

The cat is in the bed

She is getting older

I can hear her breathing

She's facing the window even though the blinds are drawn

All of these things are true and
/ or I believe them

We need better equations

Starting now

Location:Penn St,Baltimore,United States