November 29, 2012

There Is Always a Point

There is always a man walking down the street that wishes he could end it there

Photo of a tortoise and a bunch of baby tortoises with a joke about heading back to the mothership

The Law of Little Ones states that they will get bigger and bigger and then huge

Sometimes you have time to dig into things like, What is the point of paragraphs? What's the skeleton, the irreducible, the musculature?

I'm thinking about Kimball when I'm thinking about that. At least right now

Michael, you should head into a deep "paragraphs" phase

Maybe it'd be good for Spring

Let's grab some beers and talk about it

It's getting colder so we'll talk inside

You can spend some more time with the cats

They are great cats

Location:Dover St,Baltimore,United States


Susan said...

Again, Poet, this format wiggled into my heart--rather it chiseled through the layers. Gratitude.

Jamie Perez said...

Glad to hear it!