November 23, 2012

The Shape of the Things that Hold Water

The path from conveyance to contrivance is lost on no one this long weekend

You hold dinner in your mouth and then you digest it

You grow and then you leave things behind

The water boils then you reduce the heat and then you cover it

As sure as Friday follows Thursday

Which is to say that Saturday also follows Thursday as does Thursday as does every day

Suddenly Elizabeth was the queen of England

Suddenly nuclear subs are in the water

Suddenly we have solutions to all these problems

Continuities give way to degrees and make their way back to spectrums

Hair metal is born

Feedback is theorized and then born

Wormholes open and close

Books are written and marketed and summarized and shelved

Grace and elegance and mercy and patience

Celebrated slowness

A half turn

A high in the air

An ever-after

A short line connecting two things

And then an opposition and an intersection and things cross cross cross

Chris is not Christ

And missions are not missionaries

But somehow I've ended up here

Location:Wincanton Dr,Fairport,United States