November 1, 2012

There Is a Twist and It Never Goes Out

There is a twist and it never grows up

Mistakes are made

Rat poison finds its way into the food supply

Toward, away, across

Every defined space has a center

Every defined space looked at from a singular perspective has a most important point

Every point looked at from more than one perspective or at more than one time has lines like fault lines and these cracks no matter how small have a minimum of two edges -- edges that have differing velocities or somesuch

And you might say hence the cracking

Or you might say position, velocity, acceleration, change in acceleration and so on

You might draw a leaf or a mountain range or map the temperatures along a surface heats around its edges

And they all fall into a beautiful one

Is this what arrows in flight dream of?

This is a story where racecars dematerialize on the other side of the checkered flag.

They aren't ghosts. They don't dissolve. They just cease to be.

The entire practice of medicine is an amazing advance with amazing impact on where we are going. This isn't a solely human province, like all important things.

Chimp moms make dolls when they lose a newborn and researchers call the dolls emotional tools

Spiritual tools

East coast tools

Weekend tools

The moon was once right here

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