December 12, 2012

Here You Go (Again)

That sounds right vs. that's right

Things get crushed all the time

Your capacity to reduce things plus your will to survive

There are children in countries all around the world

Plague hides in the dirt, but so does oxygen

There are earth worms and rocks and crushed bits of shell

Shale, sediment, layers, diversity, deeper and deeper

Toil on about the center of the Earth

Dream about twin iron cores locked in orbit

Think about the sun and the birth of plants

Keep up a healthy fascination with grass

Go on to think about things you never think about

Write them down, add instructions, edit, proofread, set to simmer

Cowboy coffee

Late fall air

Late fall sunshine

Forget the importance of seeking shade that was all summer

Forget about most insects

How long do most spiders live anyway?

What is a natural death?

I've recently decided I'm going to live longer than I thought

I really love the concept of a running average -- like when you are taking a running 6-month average of whatever

I really like spreadsheets, too

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