December 29, 2012

Uh Huh, Yep, and That's How

I heard some of my favorite French words while laying face down on a towel on the hard-scrabble sand (does sand get hard-scrabble) of a beach in John Pennekamp (sp?) State Park
Sur la plage

And my other favorite French floated through my head and I wished it all spoken by this family wherever they were from and wherever they were going
La piscine
En plein-air

I'm surprised I didn't think about chouette at the time, but am now

I like how easy less common characters are on my phone

And I love its sense of what I meant when I head off somewhere new

Courtesy and plain and all kinds of help

I have this new crowd-sourcing app of sorts that's going to come in handy for writing

First up is something about a tomato that I'll share soon

And an image and text tool, too, that will be gobs of useful

I'm reading a lot

I'm doing a lot

This weather is unreal and I wish I could keep it going a couple weeks longer

Deletions, selections, false croppings, and false crops

A V in wood and a cross bar -- more wood -- and a pad and a non-skid stopper of a thing

I want to be better at languages

Life has made me better with geography, but I'm still far from good

Acceptable, pride-inspiring, and a third thing

The night is dragging on

The moon drags the oceans around

It misses them

To steel cores slowly dance in molten everything

Ferris wheels

Cotton candy

Funnel cake

Can can, can do

We're so so proud of all the whys and what-fors

What fits is what sits

And orders from the breakfast menu

Because 11am comes at the same time this time of year

Now skedaddle

Location:Harbor Dr,Key Largo,United States