December 8, 2012

Reading Chris Toll's "Stack Overflow at Line 1"

Reading Chris Toll's "Stack Overflow at Line 1" (which is in the online Magic Octopus magazine and you can read it here but I know it is one of his printed books some place, maybe "Life on Earth"?) and (a) man, you were really cooking at the end, friend, the sentence rhythms were breaking into a new place and (b) this is a really gorgeous one, I'm glad I bumped into it unexpectedly this Saturday morning, and (c) it has TWO sword moments (an individual cutlass for one character and then a pair of swords for a second) which makes me think of Adam Robinson asking "Chris, do we need this second pair of guns in this one? Could we just go with the first?" but this time it's swords and (d) all of this makes me smile and I think I'm in the long and final stage of missing you that comes with a lot more smiles and golden memories and the tears are quiet and sniffly and a lot less "WTF, I don't believe you're gone."


Susan said...

Perhaps this is just a letter and we're not meant to comment on it, but it's a great letter with outside reading and an enumerated list (the last of which is quite and quietly moving).