December 24, 2012

There Re Things You Allow

There are things that are continuous

There are things you try again later

And later still

Please try again later and later

There are expectations and night-time

There can be photos with high-tech flashes nothing like what you grew up with

You can take photos with any of your fingers at just about any time

On land, in the air, even underwater

Expectations, like I said earlier


The ghost story is still working its way through my head and is on the way to my fingers

If I didn't have to get up at a reasonable hour I might give it a first go

But maybe that'll be tomorrow


I almost put in a senseless picture

Donuts, an artist's rendering of a hyper-sonic glider, smurf hats, word bubbles, animé sports action shot, spelltower screenshot, the coast of Maine, iBook screenshots

That's what I had going

None of them right now


In a dream last night I had a revolver that wouldn't shoot fast enough

I don't know why I kept being alive to notice it wasn't shooting fast enough

It kept on switching from the kind with a hammer to the kind without and back

It was the snub-nose-ish police kind

There were other details and other dreams I don't remember now

But this is still far more than I usually remember

And I tend to hate on dreams in poems

I know. I'm small-minded about some things and should work on it


I'm looking forward to pulling a real late night within the next seven days

Is reportage a word?

I guess so


I wish you were there when Buck Downs did this reading at Ruthless Grip in its Dupont Circle days and he tapped the mic and said

Is this thing on

And then he was out

He'd started by singing as he walked up to the front of the room

Singing without the mic

It was all wonderful

The window behind him was so dark

I must've been sitting on the floor and looking upward to the sky

I don't remember the streetlights, but they must've been there

Keep on going

Location:Fredricksburg, VA