December 19, 2012

Year Forty, Day Two

Good stuff

Various stuff


Despite what you've heard, math is, in fact, not hard.

Despite what you've heard, a bunch of other stuff.

What's the best choice of cleanser vis-a-vis a slate that is less than clean?

The opposite of laconic can be called "the opposite of laconic," for instance.

Is "Lacanic" an adjective grad students would throw around in the mid- to late-90s?

It seems like it might have been a missed opportunity

It seems like it might only be funny to me and only right now

Holy shit! Talking eggs!

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Susan said...

I was with you rather delightedly up until the talking eggs!?

Jamie Perez said...

It's the punchline to the world's funniest joke... You can google it and/or just write your own joke to go with it. I'm pretty sure it was told to me by a woman named Sasha (or Sascha) when I was a bartender. I've told it at least 50 times since and it continues to get funnier. But I'm not telling it here, for some reason.

Susan said...

I can often crack up just at the thought of a punch line. Figures I wouldn't know the world's funniest joke. I am off to Google it!