December 11, 2012

I'm Writing a Scary Story

This is not the right way to park Mr. Blue SUV from Illinois

I wanted to key your car, but I didn't

I'm writing a scary story, but I go to work all day and don't talk about it

It has ghosts or maybe it is just one ghost everywhere (like photons) but day in and day out I'm not working through the details

The details will work themselves out like math, I tell myself as I drive south on 95

The same when I'm driving north

There will be a car accident, a farm, and all kinds of words

I will write this down soon and then it'll be done

I won't invent science fiction in the process, but I will pack for a trip to Florida

Florida is like a horror story, but am entire state

I hope nobody gets shot while we are there, but that's asking a lot

Michigan is a "right to work" state now?

Those are scare quotes and that is scary, too

I hear there were golden days when we had an actual conservative party in America

Those are the same golden days when there were only white people in your school

Headsup, those days sucked

There were ZERO apps in the App Store

There was no Internet

People died all the time from stupid shit

Nowadays you only die if you live in Florida and play your music too loud at 7-11 so some guy shoots you

Now is so cool

I can't wait for tomorrow -- I live I a right to tomorrow state

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