May 3, 2012

All of This Can Be Yours (All of This Can Be Mine)

They call it DC for a reason

It's the District of Columbia

It's an amendment, you can look it up

It was a diamond until Virginia got all lame and took its ball back

And that's why gay people can't get married there

It sucks to be Virginia!

West Virginia left because they thought people shouldn't own other people

Virginia is hosed!

This is for all the great people I've met in Baltimore and all the wonderful ways they've changed me

They got me texting!

They got me writing more!

They got me a band!

I'd say Adrienne Rich got me all these exclamation points, but that'd be a bald-faced lie.

America got me these

She's pretty awesome

Someone should talk to her about Virginia

Location:Macomb St NW,Washington,United States