May 22, 2012

I Didn't Forget About You

Ma petit chou-chou

AKA lovely little thing that I adore

I just had a few chocolate cookies and now I'm going to bed

The eternal battle of I should sleep more

While I'm making progress on this "three meals a day" thing that I'd highly recommend

Maybe you're in a sleep-all-the-time phase

Maybe you're too busy ignoring everything

Maybe you lost my cell number, or you're bat-shit crazy

Maybe you prefer email

I was thinking about that moment where a soft shell crab becomes a fried soft shell crab

And then thinking about different time-scales and hitting like-I'm-stoned thoughts like, "what if the diseases we get are like soft shell crabs getting breaded alive and dropped into oil, but by some different otherworldly something"

And then I was thinking that was stupid, because there was no real time-scale issue involved

And that it was the not-sleeping

And then that it would be much more appropriate if this whole thing -- from the Big Bang to the Entropy Wins and Everything Is an Undifferentiated Equi-Dispersed Gray Mass Stage was that soft shell crab going into the oil for some other-other-worldly something or other

Yeah slinkies

Yeah frisbees

Yeah sines and signs and cosines and co-signers

Dark sciences, housing prices, the reality of unreality, the reality of everyone deciding what reality is gonna be and agreeing to it

Then the naysayers and jeremiad-ers

Maybe they are Jerimiahs

I've got your fire right here

No, no

I'm kidding. I'm in bed, remember. That's a picture of the cat up there. She was just in my lap a moment ago and it wasn't some fire-for-rhetorical effect that made her go.

This has become the 5th voicemail in one night, hasn't it?


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