May 27, 2012

"hyperion wiki" and Us

Then "Not your phone. Mental knowledge."

Aphorisms like, life and nine year-olds are always testing us

Makes me think about tests and strands of hair and lost heart

The sun makes me make vitamins or something like that

The sun makes me wish my sunglasses weren't in the car

A substrate of fear keeps me from getting them and makes me think of Dr. Strangelove -- maybe I'll watch that tonight

And the horrible dream with the lock of hair, the label, the dufflebag

It's drive-in season

It's crab season

There's a softshell festival going on

This is sun season, pool season, escape season, by-the-ocean season

There is no season to end all seasons -- just like there is no ring to rule them all -- those are fantasies

Three is the birth of triangles and a hundred colors

Planes, balance, civility, etc

Three is the birth of "on the way to four," and "on the way to everything"

It's a little known fact that four is actually the birth of trigonometry

Look it up

I'm gonna swim a bit

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