May 12, 2012

When You Action This Way

"You can dance," "For inspiration," "Come on," "I'm leaving"

Sometimes you vote against a candidate, don't feel bad about it

And panic, remember it is a choice

If you live in a house, it is full of spiders and every single one of them is a good spider

You can have a laugh about boy spiders

You can see the whole world as one highly specialized sentence piled on top of another and another

You can worship at the Shrine of Is

I've whiled away hours there because whiling is what we expect

But I've done other things there, too

Elsewhere I've tried to focus on my shoulders, then my knees

I've thought in 3D

I've fought past the sensations on my skin

And I've tried to feel all of my skin all at once

I need to get back to these things

Location:Clover Hill Farm,,United States