May 6, 2012

Multi-tasking Vs. the New Black

All kinds of things big and bite-sized

14-second intervals, thumb-typing, morning coffee

There's lots of time travel once you open yourself to it

I'm starting to think perspective is what I do

And atom smashing

Or particle smashing or juxtaposition or whatever you want to call it

"Be the Large Hadron Collider. Be Beautiful" will be the book I write

Introduce the A Machine to the B Machine and see if they talk, basically

Oversimplifying is a lot of fun, too, if you give it a chance

Not recommended for application to the peoples

Cheering for anything? Also fun

Raise the stakes, make it matter, make it ridiculous, care

And care as in take care, too

And Tyler, too, too

What's the weather looking like there?

Looking good here

Location:Portland St,Baltimore,United States


Susan said...

"There's lots of time travel once you open yourself to it" . . . and you do that here! Thanks.