May 13, 2012

More more more more more

What do you put in a toaster?


Two people are rambling through an historical, architectural landmark, and on its grounds they happen upon a subject that is at once thorny and obvious depending on the time of day, rainfall in Spain, and the aperture speed of an old-fashioned "film camera." What do you call it?

I, too, wonder what the world is waiting for

Have you seen the gun show?

Have you floated through the night?

Have you seen a shooting star? And/or a bat capture her prey?

Have you said hello to the sun?


Put your hand in the air.

Wave it around like etc.

Which did you pick?

This time something young and Spanish

This time something young and French

This time something older and Southern

Some other day, they'll be something to worry about

But peanut brittle, wheat products, dairy, and yeasts

Poison pills, sunshine, new drapery, and stone


What the salt water did for our skin

We're beautiful

And he's never been deader

Location:County Road 744,,United States