June 10, 2012

A Memory Lane, A Must

A measure and a measuring stick

An accumulation of notes like so many other pile-ons

A warning that there is something happening nearby

Let go of applause and spotlights

Let go of new-found features, New Foundland, nurseries

Build the world one noun at a time

It's how we do, but it won't be ok forever

They want more: more worlds, more loves, more lovers

Must-haves vs. already spents

Collision and noise and heat and blood

Collisions and noise and heat and everything you ever wanted

Collisions and hear it?

It's getting minor, it's getting drawn, it's getting water

This could be where it all begins

We went to the moon for the first time like yesterday

Close your eyes tightly and wait for tomorrow

She's coming


Susan said...

I hate waiting. I'll meet her if she gets here, gets out of the tumble of pile on and accumulation. Somehow, though, I can play The Cure still.