June 2, 2012

She'd Like "Taxi" to be a Word You Can Use More Often

I'd say adventure starts here, but we made that a way of life a long time ago

Lunch starts here though

And I'm sticking with this Three Meals a Day Revolution

I'm thinking about an Eight Hours of Sleep revolution, too

There's this ongoing thing about writers being blown away by things everyone else already knows

Obsessed, occupied, whatever

There's this ongoing thing that is my entire life

There's all kinds of finite stuff I'm cool with

The sun is operationally infinite -- also useful

Sunshine, plain air

Somebody invented hair de-tangled and then somebody else made it better

I don't even have to research that, it's just true and we all know it

Corallaries aren't spelled like that -- but the correction is beyond me and my robots at this moment

Corrals have horses and are generally great

Shoot outs are generally less than great

Getting shot in the neck plain sucks I bet

Getting your face eating sucks bad, too, I'd guess

But this is America

Shit's gonna happen

Somebody's gonna claim they cold fusioned

Somebody's gonna sell you something you don't need

But somebody else will make you a sandwich and some-other-body else is gonna invent an artificial pancreas with a bunch of friends and it'll be great

Till then, this is Jamie Gaughran-Perez signing off

Sunshine, pretzel bites, absolutely no bears

Location:Warner St,Baltimore,United States