June 17, 2012

All the Beaches I've Ever Known

Good morning, North Truro

Cape Cod, it's been 30 years

Does fal mean good or bad?

I've put together dirty mouths for decades

A Jones Beach of Uptown Girls and seaside breakfast and myths of naked people in the dunes

Bethany, Rehoboth, Ocean City stretched across years

Duxbery full of horseshoe crabs

Florida full of jellyfish

The English side of Tenerife

Up and down the Outer Banks, I don't remember who I went there with first, and I'm not going to try to hard today to remember -- the Wright Brothers at Kill Devil Hills, kites

Nassau or something similar: snorkels and girls that wanted corn rows

Off a highway in Monterey the Pacific tackled me right after I tackled someone else

Huntington Beach on the way to San Diego was just what you'd expect

Someplace that I think was someplace in Massachusetts I can't quite place -- there was a bridge and brackish water and it mixes with a Michigan memory from years later with an ostrich egg omelette at brunch

Myrtle Beach, we can do this all day

Location:Shore Rd,,United States


Susan said...

As you list all these lovely places the trips start to sound more and more like drug or drinking trips to me. Just saying: So fast, all excitement, everywhere a beach beach, no distinctions, forgotten names, laziness, falling, tackling . . . . Yes, you've perfectly nailed some shore buddies of mine from years ago.